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the fact that i had to find out about whats going on in ferguson via tumblr bc none of the news stations are talking about it and the fact that my family had no clue of it until i mentioned it genuinely concerns and scares me

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Q: I love that you see the beauty in everything, it makes me happy. And your daughter is beautiful <3

Omg I just saw this!!! I don’t know when you sent this, but thank you :) :) :*



i love GIRLS and i love when girls LOVE THEMSELVES and i love when girls LOVE OTHER GIRLS and this is so AMAZING 

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Can&#8217;t believe my baby is turning one next month. the-foxes-burrow:

Lovely breakfast with oregon-dreaming the other day.


tell yourself you’re hot. tell yourself you’re amazing. tell yourself you’re untouchably, radiantly attractive. do it every day, even if it feels like you’re lying to yourself. insist to the mirror that you’re the cutest thing its ever reflected. if you do it enough eventually it wont feel like lying anymore, it’ll be automatic, and you’ll recognize yourself as the incredible babe you really are.

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